Is Jordan Peterson Preaching Christianity? 1-Minute Case

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3 min readMay 20, 2024

Is Jordan Peterson Preaching Christianity?

Mythic Truth and Christianity

Jordan Peterson urges all to take up their cross and follow Jesus. Jesus is the “Perfect Ideal” and the “best human possible.” Christ also represents Logos or the Transcendent.

For Peterson, human nature is far darker than we could imagine. However, we’re also capable of much more than we think by voluntarily facing our fears and living sacrificially as Christ did.

Peterson in his interview with John Lennox, warned of the hellish dangers of humans playing God or trying to act Transcendent through transhumanism and socialist or fascist government control. Yet, in this lies the fundamental flaw in Peterson’s view of Christianity.

Even Peterson notes failing the meet the Ideal of Christ results in a most “severe judgement.” However, in trying to reach the Ideal in our own strength with no outside support, life becomes a perpetual hell. You can’t meet the Ideal that’s why Christ came.

We can’t climb up Jacob’s Ladder to heaven despite Peterson’s Genesis 28 lecture, rather at Jacob’s Ladder God came down to earth and Christ is the True Ladder (John 1:51) that connects us to the Ideal. The deeper human darkness the deeper Christ’s love.

Take responsibility for your sins, yes. Own them before Christ while knowing he owned the consequences of them for you. Take them to the cross. From there, transformation through Christ’s strength comes.

Realise without Christ, you’ll create hell for yourself trying to reach the Ideal like the Tower of Babel builders did in Genesis 11.

Peterson expressed to Pageau it’s too terrifying to imagine the “narrative and objective” worlds meet. Yet in Christianity that’s exactly what happens. Christ, the True Myth, is also rooted in history.

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In this article we will provide some background context on Jordan Peterson followed by 7 areas of reflection: 1. Needing a narrative 2. Beauty and the desire for the Transcendent 3. Intrinsic Value of Human Life 4. Christ as the Perfect Ideal 5. Dark side of human nature

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