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7 min readOct 25, 2023
Antique World Map of Continents and Oceans 1700 Wikimedia Commons

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1. Our most popular article so far

2. Resurrection of Jesus

3. Porn addictions

4. Understanding the end times

5. How did we get the Bible?

6. Islam/ Mormonism/ Jehovah’s Witnesses- Is Jesus God?

7. Can we trust the Gospels?

8. Love and attention

9. Atheism

10. Spiritual but not religious?

11. King James Onlyism refuted

12. Seventh-Day Adventism

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Here’s some of our articles by category below:

Our most popular article so far

Quoting Ehrman: 20 Bart Ehrman quotes every NON-CHRISTIAN should know

Resurrection of Jesus

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Your comprehensive 2023 Guide

Short Conversations 2023: Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Porn addictions

Will the next CS Lewis be lost to video games and porn?

Why doesn’t God help me stop committing this sin?

Don’t go into 2023 hooked on porn

12 Reasons most Christian men are hooked on porn and what to do about it

Understanding the end times

Short Conversations: Pre Trib Rapture is Fiction Only

State Owned Object or Temple of the Holy Spirit? 6 Keys to Unlocking the Mark of the Beast

Understanding Revelation: 6 Principles in 6 minutes

How did we get the Bible?

Frequently Avoided Questions: How did we get the Bible? A crash course

Short Conversations: How did we get the Bible?

Gospel of Thomas: Why is it missing from the Bible? 10 Considerations

Islam/ Mormonism/ Jehovah’s Witnesses- Is Jesus God?

Jesus’ Favourite Name for Himself: 3 BIG Implications

Is Jesus GOD in Matthew, Mark and Luke? 20 Key Considerations

Did Constantine INVENT Jesus as God?

Is Jesus the Messiah? 3 Portraits from Daniel

Short Conversations: Did Jesus think he is God?

If Jesus is God with no beginning then why is he called a begotten firstborn Son?

Short Conversations: Trinity in the Old Testament?

Short Conversations: Muslims on the Trinity

Can we trust the Gospels?

Undesigned Coincidences: Hidden Gems in the Gospels

Were the 4 Gospels given FAKE names?

Are the Gospels based on eyewitness accounts? 10 key considerations

Short Conversations: Are the 4 Gospels based on eyewitness accounts?

Love and attention

Not all LOVE STORIES end well: Why the Gospel strikes at the heart

Where is your ATTENTION going? 5 Biblical Ways to refocus your attention


Christian vs Atheist: Can God possibly exist? Refuting Edward Johns’ article response

Why is God HIDDEN?

Freud, Faith, Family and Feelings: Are you a Christian because of your parents?

Do extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?

Response to Clem Samson’s post “Scientists: there is no life after death. Nor is there a God.”


The Virgin Births of Secularism: 10 Impossible Things You Assume Everyday

Spiritual but not religious?

How arrogant of you to think every other religion is wrong

Spiritual but not religious? Pros and cons of the majority view

Manifesting the UNIVERSE: Faith with no strings attached

King James Onlyism refuted

Are modern Bible translations wildly corrupted? Short conversation with a KJV Onlyist

King James Onlyism EXAMINED: 16+11 KJV Considerations

Seventh-Day Adventism

Seventh-Day Adventism EXPOSED: Seven Sabbath Facts

Short Conversations: Seventh Day Adventists on the Sabbath

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